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The “Forum Muzikal Majlis Al-Quran Bersama TFT” is a distinctive program that brings together the beauty of music and the spiritual richness of the Quran in a harmonious gathering. This initiative is designed to offer a unique and spiritually uplifting experience centered around the Quran in collaboration with TFT.

Key Features

Musical Enchantment: This program beautifully combines the enchanting melodies of music with the profound verses of the Quran. The musical aspect adds an emotional and spiritual depth to the Quranic recitations.

Quranic Reflection: Participants have the opportunity to engage in deep reflection and contemplation on the Quranic verses presented during the musical performances. The fusion of music and Quranic recitation creates a captivating atmosphere for reflection.

Unity and Collaboration: The program fosters unity and collaboration, as it brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds and communities. It emphasizes the universal message of the Quran that transcends boundaries.

Artistic Expression: “Forum Muzikal Majlis Al-Quran Bersama TFT” encourages artistic expression through music while staying true to the reverence of the Quran. It showcases the creative and artistic dimensions of Quranic interpretation.

Spiritual Upliftment: Attendees can expect to experience a deep sense of spiritual upliftment through the combination of music and Quranic recitation. It offers a unique channel for connecting with the Quran’s profound messages.

Interactive Discussions: Following the musical performances and recitations, interactive discussions may take place, allowing participants to share their insights, ask questions, and engage in meaningful dialogue about the Quranic themes presented.

Cultural Exchange: The program may also provide a platform for cultural exchange, as it celebrates the diverse cultural expressions and interpretations of the Quran through music.


The “Forum Muzikal Majlis Al-Quran Bersama TFT” is an exceptional program that harmoniously blends music and Quranic recitation to create a spiritually enriching experience. It promotes unity, artistic expression, and deep reflection on the Quran’s timeless wisdom. Through this initiative, participants have the opportunity to engage with the Quran in a unique and captivating way, fostering a sense of community and cultural appreciation while honoring the sacredness of the Quranic message.