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“InfaqPreneur” is a program open to all TOTIQ UMMAH FRIENDS, starting with Batch 1 (Session Sep 2022/Feb 2023). Its primary goal is to nurture entrepreneurs who are deeply rooted in the Quranic teachings, just as stated in Allah’s words in Surah As-Shaf: 10-11.

Charititable Program

Assisting Muslim Entrepreneurs:
The program aims to support Muslim entrepreneurs in their journey to become successful business owners. However, what sets it apart is its focus on being guided by Surah As Shaf verses 61:10 and 61:11 from the Quran.
Surah As Shaf, in these verses, may contain wisdom and principles that are relevant to entrepreneurship. The program likely encourages entrepreneurs to incorporate these Quranic teachings into their business practices, which may include principles of fairness, honesty, and ethical conduct.

Expanding Dawah Activities:
Dawah refers to the act of inviting others to understand and embrace the teachings of Islam. The program seeks to expand Dawah activities within the community.
The emphasis here is on understanding (Tadabbur) and practicing the Quran. This means that individuals involved in Dawah through this program are encouraged to have a deep comprehension of Quranic verses and to live by the values and teachings they promote.

Managing Debt and Financial Freedom:
This objective is about helping the Muslim community effectively manage their financial situations, particularly debt.
The Quran contains principles related to financial responsibility and avoiding excessive debt. The program likely provides guidance on how to manage debts and work towards a debt-free and financially secure lifestyle, aligning with Quranic principles.

Providing Continuous Training and Education:
The Quran is a source of wisdom and guidance in various aspects of life, including personal development and education.
The program likely offers ongoing training and educational opportunities that are rooted in Quranic teachings. This could include courses on ethics, morality, personal development, and various other subjects, all with a Quranic foundation.


In summary, “InfaqPreneur” is a multifaceted program with a strong foundation in Quranic teachings. It aims to empower Muslim entrepreneurs with ethical and moral principles from the Quran, expand Dawah efforts with a deep understanding of the Quran, help individuals manage debt and achieve financial freedom in accordance with Quranic principles, and provide continuous education and training based on the teachings of the Quran. This holistic approach aligns personal and community development with Quranic values, fostering a sense of responsibility and ethical conduct among participants.